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We Create immersive experiences that allow you to visualize your designs and concepts in virtual space.

VR for Real estate

Virtual Reality

A complete virtual solution finely tuned to the needs of the housing industry

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Virtual Reality (VR) offers unparalleled flexibility in the housing industry. It allows clients to begin visualizing the final projects once the building plans have been approved then sealed and permits issued.

Brite Interactive is a creative company specializing in Virtual Reality VR, Augmented Reality AR, and 360 video creation. We construct virtual presentations showcasing your vision. Our dedicated multi-disciplined team members come from different backgrounds and offer unique perspectives, which enhances our work. We are committed to providing the best experience to our clients by working diligently to ensure their concepts become reality.

Most industry leaders know the potential of VR, but are also unsure how to fully leverage virtual experiences to engage consumers. Our skillset and full array of VR, AR, and 360 solutions helps you effectively convey your message in a visual medium.

Our philosophy is centered around a very simple, yet effective principle.

We focus on our clients. Whether we’re designing new content or updating previous projects, we strive to provide the best client and end-user expericence possible.

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We listen, take notes, make suggestions and then we deliver. Aside from creating immersive content, Brite Interactive offers a host of related services to help optimize your designs.

new perspective

Endless possibilities

We create immersive experiences that enable our clients to fully visualize their designs. Our Virtual technology service offers a new medium that challenges traditional methods by engaging consumers on multiple platforms. Whether its VR, mobile, or large format displays, our services provide flexibility that can be seamlessly implemented.

Streamline Process

VR and AR maintain very small footprints. This enables you to utilize our products regardless of space constraints. Using remote access, we can design, build, and deliver your concepts to potential clients worldwide. From interactive immersive 3D environments to mobile apps designed for Google Daydream, we can produce the right content to fit your needs.

Mobile VR

Room-Scale VR

Designed for Head-mounted VR displays, Our Room-Scaled VR is truly immersive. Users' movements are tracked in realtime and replicated in virtual space to produce a seamless experience that is both captivating and innovative.

Our Services

From unique virtual environments, to augmented reality apps, to 360 video capture, we have the skills to make your project stand out.

VR | Virtual Reality

Complete immersive experience using the latest headsets with movement and controller tracking in realtime.

AR | Augmented Reality

Overlay interactive digital content on real world environments to create stunning and unique visual presentations.

360 Videos

Offers a more complete perspective by capturing UHD spherical footage from every possible angle without compromise.

Additive Manufacturing

Takes concepts and ideas from virtual space to real world testing with the latest 3D printing technology.

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